Raw vegan chocolate

1/2 cup raw unsweetened cacao
1/4 cup melted organic coconut oil
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp vanilla extract (optional)
2 tbsps agave (or honey)
Handful of mixed nuts (optional)

Stir stir stir stir stir and uhm STIR!
Cacao is known for not dessolving super easily so be patient.
Pour in sillicone molds and store in your fridge overnight.






16 thoughts on “Raw vegan chocolate

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  2. OMG! Made these & sooo amazing!! I poured them into my heart shaped silicone tray!! Ahh makes me so happy they came out awesome! Your amazing!!!❤️

  3. I love this recipe! I want to make it today, but do you need to warm the ingredients up in a pan or so? Or do you have to just stir it without heating it up?

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